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We design and build the kind of websites, applications, and brand experiences your customer’s friends want to hear about.

Services & Capabilities

Our Services

Striking a balance between feature-richness and the bottom line is crucial. Magnate Interactive makes sure the technology used for your project is the best fit for both your users’ expectations and for your budget.

We are not pushing “one-size fits all” products. Each project is met with innovative insight and fresh solutions that make sense for your goals and target audience.

From time to time we get asked: So what do you do?
Magnate Interactive focuses on the design and development of incredibly engaging brand experiences on the web.

Mobile Web and iPhone Applications

Mobile websites on iphone, made by Magnate Interactive

Millions of people worldwide regularly access the web via their mobile phones. Want to tap into this massive emerging market with experiences tailored to small screen devices?

We can put your company's website in your customers hands.

The iPhone in specific is a truly remarkable device, and has changed the landscape of on-the-go computing. We have experience creating applications and getting them published in the App Store. We'd love to help you make your iPhone application ideas a reality.

Check out our first iPhone game, MASH, which has been in the Top 25 Kids Games for nearly ten months two years, was chosen by Apple as an "App Store Essential", and hit number one Kids game in November 2009.

Or, take a look at Liberty Boom, another iPhone title, featured by Apple as a "New and Noteworthy Game".

Website Design & Development

We concept and build rock-solid web-based applications and friendly, informative websites using the absolute best tools for the task. Our approach is to make technology recommendations based on the needs of the end-user, while considering the best interests of your bottom line. We're platform agnostic, equally comfortable using PHP, .NET, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python… whatever makes the most sense for your project.

Many of our clients need their in-house staff to be able to update their websites, and for this we typically recommend ExpressionEngine. EE is a best-of-breed content publishing solution, and is quite possibly the most flexible and full-featured, yet low-cost and joy-to-use content management system available.

We're a member of the ExpressionEngine Pro Network.

Email Campaigns and Branded Email

Magnate Interactive's designers know what works and what won't in HTML email marketing. Branded email can be a very effective method of staying in touch with your customers, current and potential, but it can also backfire if not done correctly. For instance, there are myriad email clients each with their own nuances and ways of displaying HTML; not accounting for these nuances could mean turning off a potential customer to your brand. We'll help you navigate the email marketing minefield.

RIAs and the Flash Platform

Flash Platform icons - Adobe Flash Player, Flex, and Adobe AIR

Rich Internet Applications, or RIAs, are a class of web-connected software that enable activities like customer relationship management, VoIP phone calls, photo and video editing, and even multiplayer online gaming, typically without the need for anything more than a web browser and the nearly ubiquitous Flash Player. According to independent studies, a recent version of Flash Player is available on over 95 percent of computers worldwide.

Magnate Interactive has been creating RIAs since the term was coined by Adobe, and we bring that expertise to projects requiring something more than what HTML and JavaScript alone is capable of. We use Adobe Flash and the Flex framework in tandem to create web-based apps along with Internet connected desktop apps that run on Adobe AIR.

User Experience (UX) Consulting

Magnate Interactive believes that, in today's increasingly web savvy consumer climate, your customers' experience with your brand online is critical to the longevity of your business.

Your websites and/or software apps are built for users – people – who care about things like ease-of-use, feature richness, and accomplishing their goals with minimal amounts of friction.

We can help you make sure your users (or, if you prefer, customers) get satisfaction from your product or web-based service.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

The search engines are being upgraded and refined regularly to analyze websites the way a real person would, ranking sites with the most meaningful content highest. It's becoming harder every day to use what are sometimes referred to as "black-hat" SEO tricks, so instead of trying to game the system, we've always believed in building websites with users in mind. Relevant content that interests your customers beats SEO tricks any day.

Product Microsites and Online Advertising

Whether its an attention-getting interactive banner ad, or a focused product experience website, Magnate Interactive crafts and builds effective marketing experiences for your brand and products.

Leverage our expertise in your projects

Magnate Interactive has the know-how and experience to see your web projects through to completion.

To get started, please get in touch.

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