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The Importance of Having a Website

June 04, 2006
by Matt Braun

In the 1980s and early 1990s, having an 800 number meant you were a somebody. From the late 1990s to the present, a company is considered less reputable without a website. For a business or organization not to have a website is essentially akin to spraining one's own ankle: while it is possible to struggle along and get where you're going, you won't be winning any footraces. Today's business world is more like a marathon, and only those leading the pack get recognition. And as in the world of running, of those that gain recognition for their performance, the ones able to make the best impression - the most charismatic, clean living, or attractive - find themselves with a loyal following.

A company's presence on the web has a profound effect on that company's ability to efficiently reach potential clients. Many companies have websites, but fewer have yet achieved a significant and dedicated following. Much like the atmosphere of a retailer's brick-and-mortar establishment entices the customer to spend time and money there, solid web presence turns online visits into purchases, and encourages them to come back time and again. The difference between having an inviting atmosphere and one that is less friendly can be the margin between making a significant profit and doing just well enough.

Delivering a rich user experience is foundational to the next-generation Internet. Engaging audio, full-motion immersive video, beautiful photography, and clean, customizable interfaces are the fundamentals. When tomorrow's Web users shop, they will want more than flat, uninspiring product shots. When tomorrow's Web users seek information about your company, they will demand more than brief company overviews and mission statements. The Web users of tomorrow, the present and future consumers of your products and services, will have ever shorter attention spans and a lower tolerance for mediocrity.

Magnate Interactive understands how to create positive web presence. The technologies and services we employ allow your business to communicate with your potential customers as if speaking to them in person. Based on an analysis of the needs of your target demographic, your message is presented with visually stimulating video and animation, stunning sound, inviting interfaces, and intelligent content. This multimedia approach is far more effective and engaging than traditional websites, because it makes your customer's experience more like interacting with a movie than reading a newspaper.

Much of the most successful sales force in the world has had no formal training in sales. When a person is fully excited about a product or service, they tend to tell their peers. The rise of the most successful Web-based campaigns share in this truism, as friends send e-mails and Instant Messages, becoming the kind of sales representatives every company pines for.

Magnate Interactive can help you build the kind of website that your customer's friends want to hear about. To find out more, get in touch with us.


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