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MASH, Magnate Interactive’s new game for iPhone and iPod touch

January 30, 2009
by Matt Braun

After a week on the App Store with my iPhone and iPod touch game, MASH (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House) - [iTunes link], I can say its generally been a pleasant experience overall. Sales have been decent, with no advertising budget (so far), and the majority of sales coming from the US (which I anticipated).

Applications and games in the iTunes App Store have to go through an approval process by Apple employees prior to being deemed ready for sale, which primarily entails checking for memory leaks, ensuring that there is no obscene/objectionable content, and that the app is not too limited in its utility (apparently apps like iFart Mobile have the right balance of objectionability and utility to make it through, but that's another topic). For me, the process took about 2.5 days for my initial approval, and about 4 for my version 1.1 update. I've heard horror stories about people waiting for months for their apps to be approved, but that hasn't been my experience yet.

I plan to write a more in-depth article on my experience with the App Store over on the blog, but until then, feel free to download the MASH game and tell me what you think. Also, please check out the information page on MASH.


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