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Making the Grade

June 20, 2007
by Erica Braun

How to Foster Professional Confidence in Your Education Institution

Although at an early age we are taught to not judge a book by its cover, often as children and as adults, we do not heed this advice and make a quick decision to either give the book a chance or put it back on the shelf. Today with the vast majority of people judging websites rather than book covers, it is vital that your school website receive more than just a cursory glance. Knowing that the average web user will assess a homepage in less than 15 seconds and form an opinion about his overall user experience in just minutes, we at Magnate Interactive want your educational institution to engender professionalism and establish interest within moments.

Private schools must demand excellence when commissioning a website in order to increase enrollment.

Since the fate of private institutions relies on increasing enrollment, why do so many leave this unparalleled recruitment resource in the hands of students or computer teachers? Imagine a family moving into a new city in search of a private school. Naturally, they have been scouring the internet for the best education possible; unfortunately, most of the websites they are coming across aren't inspiring their confidence. A poorly executed website forces the user to question the merit of a school and the quality of education his child will be receiving. If a private school wants to boost enrollment, it must operate like a business and have a functioning, up-to-date, visually stimulating website that will instantly impress the parents of future attendees.

Private school websites must challenge the status quo in order to attract quality educators.

Today's job search is becoming almost wholly reliant upon the web and her many resources. Additionally, a surprising majority of college graduates in the education field are willing to relocate in order to find that first dream job. This being the case, it is imperative, especially in the educational realm where many teachers are entering the field for the first time with a Master's degree, that a private school has a website that will stand out not only in cosmetic design but in information design as well. An educator with a Master's degree is not going to be impressed by a thrown together website with an unattractive color scheme and hard to find content. In the job seeker's mind, the school website reflects the atmosphere he will be working in and the people he will be working with; a badly designed and weakly constructed site will express a lack of professionalism and will result in the loss of many possible highly qualified candidates. Private schools, committed to excellence in every area, should challenge the status quo and commission a website that will appeal to the most qualified teachers.

Private school websites must generate effective communication in order to meet the needs of both parents and students.

As the cost of private education escalates, parents are becoming increasingly involved in their students' education. Parents deserve to be informed quickly of schedule changes, delays and closings, school events and their students' academic progress. A school website cannot only appeal to first time visitors; in order to be successful, it must be dynamic and a primary source of information for parents. Likewise, a thriving website must encourage daily use by the students themselves. Students will rarely visit a website that is static and does not change; however, a site in constant metamorphosis will receive many repeat visits. Therefore, private schools are advised to commission a site that will meet the needs of parents and generate student interest.

One final note for the educators in private institutions: All of the founders of Magnate Interactive were educated at private schools. We speak your language and understand the goals you care about, and we'd like to tell you more about how to create a fantastic online presence for your school.

Please contact us to find out more.


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