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MASH released for Windows 8

January 03, 2013
by Matt Braun

MASH+: Mansion Apartment Shack House, a new version of Magnate Interactive's first mobile app, has just been released for the Windows Store.


Toledo, OH -- Magnate Interactive is proud to announce the release of MASH+: Mansion Apartment Shack House for Windows 8 on the Windows Store.

MASH is a classic children's fortune-telling game re-imagined for modern touch-enabled tablets. The game guides players through a series of questions like what city they might live in, how many children they might have, what their occupation might be, and more. Drawing a spiral directly on the screen with a finger or pen (on compatible tablets), the game determines a special "magic number" that is used in deciding the outcome of the story. All but one option in each category is eliminated using the magic number as an animated green pencil marks them off, and a story is created that is bound to make players laugh (or cry!).

Originally created in 2008 for the iPhone and iPod touch, this new version of MASH has been refined and redesigned for Windows 8. Compatible with Windows 8 desktop PCs and tablets (including Microsoft Surface), it supports pen input, touch input, and keyboard and mouse.

“I am thrilled to be releasing MASH for Windows. I worked many hours porting the underlying game code from Objective-C, and polishing the experience for the myriad form factors that Windows 8 runs on," says Matthew Braun, founder of Magnate Interactive.

The first version of MASH, an iOS game that runs on iPhones and iPads, has been downloaded over 4 million times and is played by school-aged children and nostalgic adults alike. The game also received early recognition from Apple and is considered an App Store Essential. Long requested to be brought to other platforms, MASH is available now for iOS, Android and Windows. MASH is a free app and download links to each of the compatible platforms can be found at

Magnate Interactive, founded in 2008 as a mobile app development company by Matthew Braun, focuses on creating kid- and family-friendly games for iOS, Android, Facebook, the Web, and now Windows 8 with the release of MASH+. More information about Magnate Interactive is available on their website at

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