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MASH for iPhone chosen by Apple as an App Store Essential

November 17, 2009
by Matt Braun

Exactly one week ago, Magnate Interactive’s first iPhone app, MASH, was selected by Apple as an App Store Essential. The effect that it had on daily sales numbers is what gave it away. At first I thought it might be a reporting error, but after further investigation, discovering how far up the ranking charts MASH had climbed, and noticing the newest App Store Essentials list (Apps for Girls [iTunes]), I allowed myself to believe the numbers - approximately septuple the usual figures.

MASH is the number two Kids game and number two Word game in the App Store

MASH [iTunes link] is listed in the App Store under Kids games and Word games, and typically hovers in the top 25 in both categories. After iTunes customers began noticing the new Essentials list on November 10th, MASH jumped into the top 10 in those categories, and then the top 5, and is currently at number 2 in both Kids and Word games (at one point on Friday the 13th it managed to hit number 1 in Kids).

Visibility in the App Store is critical to seeing big sales numbers (it takes sales to make sales), and on November 12th MASH had made it into the Top 100. The App Store Top 100 is arguably one of the most visible areas of the store (hundreds of sites outside of iTunes leverage the Top 100 RSS feed and drive traffic into the App Store). Many iPhone and iPod touch owners aren’t aware of sites like Touch Arcade, the Macworld App Guide, Slide to Play, or The App Shelf, and use the Top 100 as buying recommendations.

As of this writing, MASH is a Top 50 Paid Application and a Top 25 Game in the App Store. While I’m staying realistic about the sales numbers long term, I must say it’s been a pretty thrilling experience so far. I hope more people are able to play Magnate Interactive games like MASH, our fast-paced arcade title, Liberty Boom, and the others we have in the pipeline, and that we’re able to keep making apps that people enjoy.

Please read more about MASH here.

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